Two People Jogging in the snow

Wearing the right clothes when exercising outdoors will help you stay warm, stay visible and stay safe. Before stepping out the door to exercise, it really pays to invest a little in clothing. Spending just a few dollars on these suggestions will make your exercise much safer and much warmer.

So what should you wear when you exercise in the cold outside?

==> Wear Reflective Clothing

If there’s snow or a snowstorm, or even if it’s just a mild whiteout or fog, cars and bikes are going to have a very hard time seeing you. Sometimes they can’t even see the road.

When visibility is a mere 10 ft or even 5 ft, having visible clothing could save your life. If you’re wearing a non-descript grey jacket, it’s very easy to miss you among the snow. If you’re wearing something that reflects light, they’ll be able to slam on the breaks in time.

==> Cover Your Head

Did you know that as much as 1/3 of your body heat can escape through your head if it’s uncovered? Always, always wear a hat when you’re exercising outside.

Also make sure your ears are covered. Even if your entire head is covered, your ears can still get frostbitten. Adding on ear muffs can help a lot, even if it’s on top of a hat.

==> Fabrics That Keep Moisture Out

Opt for moisture-repelling fabrics. These kinds of fabrics will often look like they have a “sheen” to them. Most ski jackets and snowboarding pants are made out of these materials.

The danger from being outside during winter isn’t just the cold, but the moisture as well. If you aren’t wearing moisture-resistant clothing, the fabrics on the inside of your jacket can easily get soaked by the snow and humidity. That can quickly suck out your body heat and leave you shivering.

==> High Traction Shoes

If it’s snowing or if it has been snowing (even if it’s not currently), make sure you’re wearing shoes with a strong grip. Snow that melts on the ground makes the ground very slippery. If it’s very cold, snow can actually re-freeze into ice that makes the ground downright dangerous.

==> Wear Layers You Can Remove

If you’re working out hard, your body’s temperature is going to rise. If you’re wearing a lot of clothing, it can actually get overbearing, even if it’s the middle of winter.

Wearing several layers of clothing will allow you to take clothing off as your body heat rises. Make sure that if you do remove items of clothing, you put them back on as soon as your body heat starts to drop.

These clothing tips will help you stay visible, stay warm and stay safe in the winter months.